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Govovernment Special Announcement (DESAA)

It is hereby announced for the information of the general public particularly Deltans, that His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State has approved the establishment of the Delta State Signage and Advertising Agency (DESAA).

This Agency is charged with the responsibility to handle all Outdoor Advertising and Signage Related Matters including expression of interest, approvals/permits, assessments, collections and enforcements for the following:

  • Road Shows
  • Touch Points Activation
  • Poster Placements
  • All LED Screen
  • All Mobile Adverts (branded vehicles)
  • All Billboards
  • All Signages
  • All branded buildings
  • All Lampposts
  • All Gantries,
  • Branded Kiosks, and
  • Corporate brandings and other outdoor related advertisements

Accordingly, members of the general public especially practitioners in the advertisement industry are by this announcement enjoined to deal with Delta State Signage and  Advertisement Agency (DESAA), in all issues relating to outdoor advertisement.

All payments for outdoor advertisements to the State Government must be paid through DESAA.

It is stressed that any member of the public or advertisement practitioner who fails to follow this process shall be sanctioned by the State Government.

Paul Osahor

Director of Information

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