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1) Department of Public prosecution (DPP) , Mrs. Efe Odogwu,
Rendering of legal opinion and prosecution of criminal matters.

2) Department of civil litigation(DCL), Mr. Sunday Monye,
Handling of civil litigations by or against the government including tax and revenue matters.

3) Department of legal drafting (DLD)
Mrs Rita Ekpemina,
Drafting and vetting of contractual agreement of memorandum of understanding between government and its consultants, public private partnership partner contractors, other level of Government, international Agencies and multinational corporations, Drafting of bills and regulations, Law review of the statutes of the state, formulation of criminal and civil law policies for the state.

4) Department of peoples right (DPR), Mr. Torits Megbeluba,
Non adversarial dispute resolution through reconciliation, arbitration and mediation promotion and protection of human rights including the child’s right amongst others.

5) Administrator-General /Public trustee (AG&PT),
Mrs Happy Ovili, Perform the functions of administrator General and Public trustee.

6) Department of advisory services (DAS)
Mr. Eze owenze, Rendering of legal advice to Government, ministries, department, and agencies (MDA’s).

7) Department of Administration (DA),
Fidelia Obeh, In charge of personnel matters.

8) Department of finance and account,
Mr Wallace A. In charge of finance and accounts matters.

9) Department of planning research and statistics,
Mr. Lucky akokigho, In charge of procurement and preparing of annual budgets.