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Justice Oseji, Humble Judge, Devoted Husband, Loving Father And Faithful Christian – Delta AG.

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The Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice Delta, Isaiah Bozimo Esq, has described late Justice Samuel Chukwudumebi Oseji a Justice of the Supreme Court, as a humble judge, devoted Christian and a loving father.

The Delta State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice who delivered his speech on the ocassion of a special valedictory court session in Honour of Late Hon Justice Samuel Chukwudumebi Oseji, said that the late Justice, was not just as a humble judge , but a devoted Christian, loving father and a steadfast friend.

He added, ” we each have a vocation, and we discharge the duties of that calling as best we can. Justice Oseji answers his call as a good and faithful servant to Nigeria. Each day , in his ceaseless effort to do what was required of him, he examined and reexamined his own ideas and those of others”

” What resulted was nothing short of brilliance. His Lordship’s influence on the law will endure far beyond our days and our nation will be better for it. But that was not Justice Oseji’s aim. He merely answered the call of service.” He added.

He remarked further that even though our state and entire Nation mourn the lost of a jurist of immense stature, yet it is challenging to encapsulate Justice Oseji’s contribution to the law.

He remarked further that he commended the Honourable Chief Judge’s rendition of Justice Oseji’s biography, which portrayed a life and career of distinction , pointing out that he also entrust the complete account of His Lordships personal legacy to many others who have said so much to honour His Lordships legacy since his passing on to glory.

He added, ” I want instead to focus on Justice Oseji’s perhaps underappreciated virtues . For all his confidence as a legal thinker, Justice Oseji was remarkably Humble about his role as a judge. His Lordship knew that his duty to declare the law was not free-standing and that it would “amount to fundamental judicial vice for a trial court to take into account, matter which it ought not to or import evidence that is alien to the proceedings before it”

” Justice Oseji reminded us that irrespective of one’s stature position or circumstance, the law remains the law and must be obeyed. Justice Oseji had the humility to resist the temptation of welding his broad judicial powers to their full extent . His Lordships reminded us also that a court’s power is circumscribed by the reliefs sought by an applicant and it will not unnecessarily embarked on a voyage of discovery ” He stressed.

He stated that Justice Oseji while alife, was always careful to judge according to the law, not personal preference. ” As His Lordship put it, in deserving cases, the court will not Relent in defending the course of justice given its nature as the dynamic agency for protection of the rule of law”

He, on behalf of the people of Delta State, extended their deepest condolences to every member of Justice Oseji’s family, noting that even though the state is mourning his demise today, they are confident that feature generations will remember him.

By Onoriode Etatsemi.

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