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Do You Know That Delta State

Is a leading producer of Crude oil and Natural gas in Nigeria, and ranks second to Rivers State. The State supplies about 35% of Nigeria's crude oil and some considerable amount of natural gas. One of the nation's largest refinery as well as petrochemical plant are located in the state at Warri.

More facts about Delta State
Who is the current governor of Delta State ?

Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Orohwedor Oborevwori (JP)

What is the oldest tribe in Delta State

The Ijaws started inhabiting the Niger Delta region of what is now Nigeria as far back as 800 BCE, thus making them one of the world’s most ancient peoples. They have existed as a distinct language and ethnic group for over 5,000 years. They are the oldest tribe in Delta State

Do you Know the History of how Delta State was created

Delta State was created in 1991 by the military regime of IBB (Ibrahim Babangida) due to the clamour by the people of the then Delta Province and the Anioma people. However, the Anioma people didn’t envisage being included in Delta State because they initially wanted a Niger State before Niger State was created in the North and then they settled for Anioma State with capital at Asaba or a virgin city which would be dubbed Anioma City. The people of the old Delta province wanted Warri as the capital. When IBB created the state, he named it after the Delta Province and made Asaba the capital as the Anioma people wanted. By so doing, he attempted at fulfilling two goals in one.

Developed states in Nigeria

 Delta State is one of the most developed states in Nigeria

Delicacies of the Urhobo tribe

Banga Soup , Ukudo , Traditional Yam Porridges, Egusi, Owo, Starch and White Soup

Be a Voice of Change

Delta state can be great again if we all work together Help the delta stat Government by reporting a poorly executed project in your area today.


    Facts about Asaba & Warri

    Delta State has its capital at Asaba while Warri is the commercial and oil base of the State. Asaba is predominantly an administrative city. However, it has started to become a commercial city of late. Warri houses an annex of the State Government House and so by implication, Warri is like an ``assistant capital`` of Delta State. This was caused due to the complaints by the riverine based Deltans that Asaba was too far for them and so the government decided to open a government house at Warri to bring the government closer to the people.


    Do You Know Rt. Hon. (Chief) Sheriff F. O. Oborevwori

    Do you know He was the : .

    First Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly to become Governor?
    First Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly to do two separate tenures as Speaker of the House
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    Louis Osiobe
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